Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. - FORM 10-K - March 12, 2010

Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. - FORM 10-K - March 12, 2010: "Under current Ohio legislation, electric generation is sold in a competitive market in Ohio, and Duke Energy Ohio’s native load customers have the ability to switch to alternative suppliers for their electric generation service. Competitive power suppliers have begun supplying power to Duke Energy Ohio’s current customers in Ohio, and Duke Energy Ohio has experienced an increase in customer switching in the second half of 2009. These evolving market conditions may continue to impact Duke Energy Ohio’s results of operations, and also may impact Duke Energy Ohio’s ability to continue to apply regulatory accounting treatment to certain portions of its Commercial Power business segment. To the extent competitive pressures increase, the economics of Duke Energy Ohio’s business may come under long-term pressure. Increased competition could also result in increased pressure to lower costs, including the cost of electricity. Retail competition could have a significant adverse financial impact on Duke Energy Ohio due to an impairment of assets, a loss of retail customers, lower profit margins or increased costs of capital."