Friday, February 22, 2013

Electronic Filing

Everything can be filed electronically now for a trial lawyer. For Southern District of Ohio you must take a "test" and file a "dummy" case to show them you know how, before doing the real thing. That's for lawyers who haven't filed a case for a while, which I have not. With the ice on all pathways, and otherwise, it'll be worth it not to have to go downtown to the court to file real paper this morning.

Hot Air -- High School Basketball

Highlights @ Lakota East last night:

Middletown-Kings @ Lakota East: Middletown has two freshmen, identical twins, 5' 8," beautiful. Both good though not yet spectacular basketball players. 

Princeton-Hamilton @ Lakota East last night: Most unusual game. They (Princeton) couldn't stop No. 22 (going to Miami of Ohio up the road); (left my scorecard at Paul Bellet's after watching Duke-VTech on TV) and so went into a stall with 4 minutes left. There's no time clock. No. 22 scored 38 of Hamilton's 44 or so points. Princeton, heavily favored of course, was actually behind by one point in the 4th quarter. Best single performance I've seen live for high school since Chris Carter was wide receiver against Princeton at Barnitz, circa 1980's.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pictorial 8K of Procter!

My Gawd, take a look at the "pictorial" 8k filed by PROCTER this morning. They did this, I presume, because this was a power-point presentation at a conference at Boca Raton, Florida, this morning. Totally the right thing to do. 

Is this the 8k-of-the-future in our "instant" age? (On the other hand, I haven't been reading that many 8ks and maybe I'm just behind).

Sunday, February 17, 2013


So I've spent the last three weeks working with people in India who say they are cleaning my two PC's which have Windows XP.  I've paid $279 for a one-year protection through calling them when there's a problem.  I have gotten a refund, as nothing works.  On the desktop I have lost Microsoft Office and I actually got through to God (Microsoft) and they tried to reload, unsuccessfully.  So I am in dire shape and may have to make the jump to two new computers.  My legal cases require...something.  I've backed up everything but not yet read how to preserve the email lists and emails themselves.

But in the process I went through two or three days when I believed the one company was fraudulent. And of course they controlled my computer during the sessions.  So I started changing some passwords.  When I did this with my Schwab account they sent me a "token" which spits out a 6-digit random (?) number to type in when you try to log into your Schwab account -- which you type in right after your password (no space).

Actually, that additional speed bump is a good thing.  Like living 6 hours away from the casino rather than next door.