Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cramer's Summary -- Of Great Value

Not sure this link can be picked up by those who do not subscribe, but I think so.  Jim has done a wonderful job and I pay $400 per year for his updates each day. At this crucial time in the market this advice is gold for now and the near future.  He does not stay too long, so his daily updates are crucial too. 

From the Blog "My Best Time" -- Boy Can She Write!

Football is Dangerous

By now, everybody's enjoyed their favorite bowl game. As you know, I have a problem with football. Fortunately for football, nobody cares. I'm concerned about my young grandsons playing, I'm concerned about college players and I'm concerned about the pros.

It's a violent sport.

My husband, Ken, played football in high school and college. I will admit it made him a better person. But then, when he was in his fifties and needed abdominal surgery, there were big problems due to the massive amount of scar tissue in his belly.

It's a violent sport. But nobody wants to hear about it.

Then the "Shouts & Murmurs" column in the January 7th issue of "The New Yorker" confirmed my feelings. Jay Martel did a really funny parody of the top bowl games. Below I've shared just one of them because he's teasing a team I like. (Even though I have a problem with football!)

The...Catheter Cotton Bowl

This may be the marquee bowl game, with the undefeated Texas State College of the Pacific Homicidal Maniacs setting their sights on the No. 1- ranked Tallahassee University Khmer Rouge.

These two college programs consistently rise to the top of every major statistical category, including early-onset Alzheimer's, so expect a real donnybrook.

The media-day disclosure that every player on the Maniacs, except for the placekicker, sustained a concussion last week - even though no game was scheduled - sharply raised the level of anticipation for this clash. Look for the placekicker to get a concussion.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cramer: Do Something With That Mountain of Cash, Tim Cook of Apple

(c) 2013 F. Bruce Abel

Because of the immense importance of AAPL, last night's Cramer makes it clear that AAPL will not go up or be out of the doghouse until it announces that it's going to "do sommething with that mountain of cash."  $137 Billion.  This perforance last night was equivalent to Cramer's rant which caused Bernanke to do exactly what Cramer demanded.  Will Cook do the same? Until he does AAPL is dead in the water.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Natural Gas Guru: Art Scene of Russian Winter Followed by Scenes One Mile Away -- Behind Krogers

To those in warm climes, and you know who you are, Genny, here's from my blog a few years ago.  I love you.

Natural Gas Guru: Art Scene of Russian Winter Followed by Scenes One Mile Away -- Behind Krogers

Monday, January 7, 2013

Renewing Cramer

Time for renewing Cramer's expensive service.  $399/yr.  Say $35 per month. There are four or five submissions every day.  Its value is in keeping abreast of his current thinking while I also think about his overall portfolio, which is very successful for him.  Normally I do not read the emailed submissions, but I save them.

Being the beginning of the year, and having 30 days to decide, I'm considering renewing it.

For the past few years I also listen or read the transcript of Mad Money (intorduction section) every day.

What do I mean by "current thinking?"  Just looking at his portfolio does not tell you what is happening at the margins, i.e. which he is shedding, which he is adding to.  The service's emails do this.