Friday, February 22, 2013

Hot Air -- High School Basketball

Highlights @ Lakota East last night:

Middletown-Kings @ Lakota East: Middletown has two freshmen, identical twins, 5' 8," beautiful. Both good though not yet spectacular basketball players. 

Princeton-Hamilton @ Lakota East last night: Most unusual game. They (Princeton) couldn't stop No. 22 (going to Miami of Ohio up the road); (left my scorecard at Paul Bellet's after watching Duke-VTech on TV) and so went into a stall with 4 minutes left. There's no time clock. No. 22 scored 38 of Hamilton's 44 or so points. Princeton, heavily favored of course, was actually behind by one point in the 4th quarter. Best single performance I've seen live for high school since Chris Carter was wide receiver against Princeton at Barnitz, circa 1980's.