Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cincinnati.Com | Cincinnati Enquirer | Paul Daugherty »

Cincinnati.Com Cincinnati Enquirer Paul Daugherty »: "Some people at the “Big Willie” studio “described the tapings as a fiasco,” according to Robert Feder, long-time Chicago media critic.
Tribune CEO Randy Michaels – who hired Cunningham at WLW-AM in 1983 – was “personally urging Cunningham to abuse and berate his unwitting guests,” Feder wrote. “One segment featured the humiliation of a grossly overweight woman who was forced to get on all fours and eat like a dog. Another featured parents of child beauty pageant contestants who found themselves blind-sided when they were suddenly attacked by Cunningham.”
Normally, TML doesnt comment on other local media types, some of whom are friends. And really, beyond the above, what’s left to say this time? Only that Cunningham has made himself rich by doing this sort of thing on occasion. Also, by either (1) pandering to or (2) insulting the intelligence of the people who listen to him. Those who defend the guy evidently have no idea he thinks they’re all schmucks. It’s not good enough to say it’s just radio “shtick”. That doesnt excuse the way the guy treats people.
There’s a lot of money, apparently, in taking your audience for fools. You’d be surprused at how many hosts treat every segment like a prank phone call. I’m just not sure how a guy can feel good about himself as he laughs all the way to the bank.
BTW, I get a kick out of people who think Cunningham is “controversial.” His daily right-wing diatribes are in lockstep with the majority thinking around here. There’s nothing at all controversial about the guy."