Thursday, June 17, 2010

Op-Ed Columnist - The Boring Speech Policy -

Op-Ed Columnist - The Boring Speech Policy - "We wanted him to declare war on the oil companies! Every day it becomes clearer that these guys are even more feckless than we imagined. At the ritual Congressional lashing of C.E.O.’s this week, we learned that none of the major oil companies have any idea how to control a spill like this, and that their faux plans for handling one in the gulf were made up of boilerplate so undigested that several had sections on protecting walruses — mammals that have not been seen in the area since the Ice Age. “It’s unfortunate that walruses were included,” admitted Exxon Mobil’s chief.
The way things have been going, you can’t be too careful. If the portents keep piling up, it’s easy to envision a headline like: “Lone Tourist in Pensacola Eaten by Visiting Walrus Herd.”"