Friday, June 18, 2010

Mad Money Recap | Nightly Recap for:  Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mad Money Recap Nightly Recap for: Thursday, June 17, 2010: "For a brief moment, I thought about turning off my news ticker entirely, and putting the sacrosanct TV on mute. It wouldn't have mattered anyway. There was just this curly-haired BP guy, telling a bunch of Congressmen that he wasn't in on the decision to do anything about anything... presumably, even (for) the clothes he wore, or maybe even what he had for breakfast... Anyway, I could have turned off that guy, and replaced the 200 stock symbols I have on my computer, with just this... with just the FXE, which is the ETF (i.e., exchange-traded fund) that represents the euro... and that rallied hard today.

That was all you needed. That's right. Just delete everything... so I could think like one of the pajama party, furious traders, who trade like it's going out of style, off the charts only, and buy all sorts of stocks, the S&P, when they see the FXE go up... not when they see good news... not when they see bad news."