Monday, June 14, 2010

The Very Angry Tea Party - Opinionator Blog -

(c) 2010 F. Bruce Abel

Aside from the article on the discovery of vast mineral resources in Afghanistan, this essay-article is the most profound thing in the New York Times today. Or season.

The Very Angry Tea Party - Opinionator Blog - "When it comes to the Tea Party’s concrete policy proposals, things get fuzzier and more contradictory: keep the government out of health care, but leave Medicare alone; balance the budget, but don’t raise taxes; let individuals take care of themselves, but leave Social Security alone; and, of course, the paradoxical demand not to support Wall Street, to let the hard-working producers of wealth get on with it without regulation and government stimulus, but also to make sure the banks can lend to small businesses and responsible homeowners in a stable but growing economy."