Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feinberg -- Sixth Grade -- a Future All-American

(c) 2010 F. Bruce Abel

Michael Feinberg 5'2", Sante Fe. California, class of 2016 (high school).

Kaelee's brother, age 20 or so and at UK, referees AAU games and junior varsity games around Kentucky. So the very end of the party in the entertainment center of the development was enjoyed immensely. There's something called the "KBA" (which is a location in Lexington similar to Courts4Sports in Mason), owned by a former UK basketball star. Teams come from all over the country for tournaments. He described one from LA that had a lot of money, with a Jewish guard -- 12 years of age, mind you -- who was the son of the agent for Koby Bryant (or some such). Kaelee's brother says, I noticed that whenever they played there was a huge crowd. Calipari was in the crowd. This kid had had a trainer since age 3 (or some other ridiculous age). He could already do pretty explosive things, etc. Their uniforms were the exact replica of the Chicago Bulls, and they had capes, etc.