Saturday, June 12, 2010

Read the Article; Then Read the Comment

(c) 2010 F. Bruce Abel

Compelling article showing Obama to be weak weak weak. Then a brilliant comment putting things into perspective. All in the wonderful (and I mean this) Saturday Globe and Mail today.

The comment:

Creative Investor, interesting analysis.

I live near the Rockies. Somebody, at some time, made the decision to build the TransCanada highway right through the mountains.

Creative Investor, I assume that your follow the same analysis here, and that you blame the people who decided to build the highway for every car crash, whether it was due to a drunk driver, negligence, bad weather, whatever.

Because, obviously, there would have been NO CAR CRASHES on a mountain highway if the highway had never been built. So true, so true.

There have been some train derailments on the tracks near the mountains, too. Drat those politicians who decided to build those train tracks across the country. There wouldn't have been even one single solitary train derailment if they hadn't built the railroad right across the country.

Creative Investor, I deduce that you aren't troubled by the reports that BP was cutting corners immediately before the explosion. Perhaps you think that oil companies should be excused from any responsibility to perform their work prudently and to the highest standards of the industry. Because, after all, according to your analysis, once the federal government allowed them to drill offshore, all the blame goes to the government and not one iota of blame goes to the company, regardless of how reckless or negligent it may have been.