Saturday, August 31, 2013

Have I Turned the Corner?

The day Facebook announced its earnings and that it now was making money on ads on mobile, I recognized the trade of a lifetime.  So I even bought in the pre-market for myself and clients, even though FB was up 2 points already.  It worked wonderfully.

So Thursday night I heard Cramer's interview with the head of Salesforce, which had reported earnings that day.  The best presentation I have ever heard.  Again I bought for myself and clients in the pre-market and after CRM was up 2 points.   Another great trade, as CRM continued strong to the end.

Last week too Cramer identified COG as a natural gas play, building, or benefiting from building, a pipeline to New England, previously stuck with propane or heating oil for the residential market, I believe.  That's a theme I have been watching for 35 years, mainly with electricity.  So I bought COG.  It looks strong for a long time although I'm slightly under water after a couple of days..