Thursday, August 22, 2013

Addition by Subtraction

Addition by Subtraction. Genny read me the riot act when we returned from Canada: Clean off all the piles of papers on the dining room table. So I put them on our bed, a very temporary solution to be sure.

Then I set out to call Microsoft to reinstall my Office Home & Business 2013, which I had mistakenly erased while up in Canada. Without thinking. I had forgotten that all calls to the call center would lead to the ultimate question, What is the registration key to the original program?  After wrangling with Ashad and even me breaking down, he put me on hold and sympathetically brought in a third-party supervisor and they gave me a new registration key. Genny had watched my breakdown and had left the room and house.

Two hours later, having time to reflect after Microsoft had "taken control" of my computer and the program was reloaded by the Microsoft representative, my eyes fell on the remaining "Thriftway" bag on the table. Contained within it was all the papers from Micro Center from the day I first bought my two computers, including a box for each Microsoft Home & Office 2013 program for each computer. I knew at the time how important it was to segregate these documents. I knew then that "filing" or "shelving" might not do the trick. So I must have figured that keeping those items in a separate bag would be the best way to make them special for the inevitable occasion when I would have to reload the program.

But then I forgot about this "trick." The bag became meaningless.