Monday, April 30, 2012

Who Remembers the Water?

Water Lawg

by Dan Kuchera (my college and law school friend who worked as an attorney in Chicago representing water companies)

He has a blog called



Posted: 30 Apr 2012 08:24 AM PDT

We are told that water is valuable: that water is essential for all life--human, animal and vegetation; that water is essential for public health; that water is essential for public safety and fire protection; that water is essential for cleanliness; and that water is essential for production of food, goods and services. But, who remembers the water that we use? Who remembers the water in our shower this morning or any of yesterdays' mornings? Who remembers the water that is flushed down our toilets? Who remembers the water that made our coffee and tea during any day? Who remembers the water we sprayed on the garden or splashed down the driveway when we washed our car? Who remembers our first glass of water or any glass of water, for that matter? Who remembers the water churning in our washing machine or in our dishwasher? Who remembers the water that cleaned our floor and then was washed down the drain? Who remembers the water that was used to make soup or to wash the vegetables that went into the soup? So, who remembers water? If water really is valuable, how come we do not remember using it, yet alone protecting it like our other valuables? Maybe we will not value water, and remember it, until it is disappears.

Why Not Much Discussion About Natural Gas?

It's boring.

Whitney Tilson -- What a Guy

Jim Cramer has always been my guy.  He still is.  Add Whitney Tilson to the same airified level.  His interview on CNBC just now was awesome, not only did he virtually double his money after going long Barns & Noble last week, he gave five or more other tips and resources.

While we're discussing Whitneys, Meredith Whitney is no slouch either.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Exactly Who Has Captured the Savings on Low Natural Gas?

“Whatever gas has taken away, natural gas has returned to the consumer.” CNBC commentator just now.

I question this, since I believe the middlemen have captured the "return," unknown to the consumer.

Cramer is starting to slam Procter.  He did so this morning on CNBC, before he had heard the conference call, which occurred at 8:30 am.  You can be sure it will be mentioned on Mad Money tonight.  He praises Clorox and all other competitors of P&G.

...Yes he did continue to slam P&G on Mad Money, praising the competition Kimberly Clark for getting pretty much everything right that P&G was getting wrong.  Said not to buy Procter as there was more falling to come in the stock price.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

(c) 2012 F. Bruce Abel

Yesterday this TV ad appeared on CNBC (you have to click on it after going to the site):

I TIVO'd it and watched it "numerous of times."  It didn't make sense.  But a little digging shows that it's promoted by AEP which (in cases before the PUCO) is fighting to make the marketers of electricity have to pay more of a capacity charge in the non-bypassible part of the bill, so that the marketers do not scoop up unfair profits by selling below AEP's embedded rates.

The ad shows the evil (FirstEnergy) paying $.25 (the cost of one glass of lemonade at a child's stand), but taking the whole pitcher of lemonade, and then setting up a stand across the street and selling the self-same lemonade at $.25 per glass, leaving the child with no pitcher.

I approve of this ad.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Up North

Que Pasta?

Natural Gas Spot Price - Henry Hub, Louisiana
Cook it with natural gas!  Remember the Curtailment Cases at the FERC????  "We're running out of natural gas."

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Enuf Said Already

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Utter Chaos

Utter chaos. We are all on our own without a playbook. That’s what deregulation of electricity in Cincinnati has caused. Thousands are "bargaining away" unknowingly. Marketers get us to leave the comfort of our local utility with focus on a false bogey: average price over the past time period. Who benefits? Marketers are scooping up most if not all the benefits of the plunge in natural gas market AND since January 1, 2012, natural gas is now the driver in electricity rates! We are all being scammed in ways we do not see, both on electricity and natural gas. Aggregation cuts the problem down but at a price. Stay tuned.