Friday, April 27, 2012

Exactly Who Has Captured the Savings on Low Natural Gas?

“Whatever gas has taken away, natural gas has returned to the consumer.” CNBC commentator just now.

I question this, since I believe the middlemen have captured the "return," unknown to the consumer.

Cramer is starting to slam Procter.  He did so this morning on CNBC, before he had heard the conference call, which occurred at 8:30 am.  You can be sure it will be mentioned on Mad Money tonight.  He praises Clorox and all other competitors of P&G.

...Yes he did continue to slam P&G on Mad Money, praising the competition Kimberly Clark for getting pretty much everything right that P&G was getting wrong.  Said not to buy Procter as there was more falling to come in the stock price.