Tuesday, April 24, 2012


(c) 2012 F. Bruce Abel

Yesterday this TV ad appeared on CNBC (you have to click on it after going to the site):


I TIVO'd it and watched it "numerous of times."  It didn't make sense.  But a little digging shows that it's promoted by AEP which (in cases before the PUCO) is fighting to make the marketers of electricity have to pay more of a capacity charge in the non-bypassible part of the bill, so that the marketers do not scoop up unfair profits by selling below AEP's embedded rates.

The ad shows the evil (FirstEnergy) paying $.25 (the cost of one glass of lemonade at a child's stand), but taking the whole pitcher of lemonade, and then setting up a stand across the street and selling the self-same lemonade at $.25 per glass, leaving the child with no pitcher.

I approve of this ad.