Friday, August 6, 2010

The revenge of Conrad Black - The Globe and Mail

(c) 2010 F. Bruce Abel

I like Margaret Wente on a beautiful 7:30 am morning in Cottage Country.  She writes for adults. I've liked her ever since she wrote hilariously last July that she had had sex in a canoe ( and see earlier blog)

A Canadian is someone who knows how to have sex in a canoe, -- Pierre Berton

Herein her column today on Canadian Corporate Baron and criminal Conrad Black.

The revenge of Conrad Black - The Globe and Mail: "Dear Lord Black,
Please forgive us. The envious, spiteful media mob was wrong, wrong, wrong about you all along. We hereby take it back. You are not a corporate kleptocrat. You are the victim of prosecutorial vigilantes and corporate-governance terrorists run amok, who railroaded an innocent man for their own self-aggrandizement. That dreadful law they used to throw you behind bars? Garbage! Every single judge on the Supreme Court said so. We’ve been insufferably smug and arrogant – labels we once applied to you. But now the schadenfreude is on the other foot."