Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Core Duke

(I will call Duke Energy "Core Duke" in this and later messages, for reasons which will become obvious. Share this message with your friends on Facebook.)

Glendale people are getting verbal calls from Future Now about natural gas rates. All such verbal solicitations are misleading, implicitly and explicitly.

I would like to see any WRITTEN material.

Until you see something in writing don't sign up. (As you know I have a jaundiced eye on these natural gas marketers in this environment.) Also remember we are basically through the winter heating season. So any long-term contract is crap, even if it is a variable monthly rate tracking Core Duke in some way.

If there is interest I will hold a meeting on the subject, either at the Lyceum or HWB.

I also have in my possession a package offer from Duke Energy RETAIL. Don't do it! (Gut call without studying it.)

Generally natural gas has collapsed. Type in "Spot Natural Gas," and then "WRGT" on Google and scroll down past the oil charts to get to the natural gas chart. Now this chart does not show the necessary slight capacity adder, but you can see that all offers (and Core Duke's rates) should be much lower than they are. And Core Duke itself should be tracking down each month.