Thursday, January 12, 2012

So Far This Year

So Far This Year

100 FFIV, with selling a January 115 call on same;  $12 unrealized profit

why FFIV? pin-action from Oracle's earnings report

100 American Tower Corp, no hedge:  $392.05 unrealized profit

pin-action from ATT/T Mobile breakup (bought shares in late 2011)

100 Con Ed recently rebought; will sell today: $225.95 unrealized loss
the utility trade is over for the New Year

1 long AAPL February $400 call; 1 short $425 call: unrealized profit $106

a call spread on AAPL is a safe way to bet on AAPL, until it's not

1000 shares AA (Alcoa): $75 unrealized loss

China is shutting down smelters to use the electricity (90% of aluminum is electricity); Alcoa is doing the same; yet the demand for aluminum will remain strong, especially in the US

small realized loss on put spread on GLD:  $25
was going the wrong way on this