Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Strictly Local

I had a hard time trying to figure when the Princeton High School levies would fully-hit our tax bills.  Google was no help.  Nor was a call to the Board of Education earlier in the week. I finally went to the Board of Education and while I was waiting for someone from the treasurer's office to come out I flipped through a scrapbook of articles on Princeton, mainly sports.  I came across the following, copied it in my own handwriting and told the receptionist that I didn't need to speak to anyone else.  My notes:

On Election Day

From February 19, 2010 Enquirer

$120 million, 37-yr bond issue @ 3.52 mills would pay for a new high school and middle school. A related 1.45 mill permanent improvement levy would pay for capital improvements. The owner of a $100,000 home would pay an additional $44.40 a year beginning in January, 2011. [$300,000 = $133.20]

When the levy begins, and beginning in 2013, that would grow to $149.28 for a $100,000 home [$447.84 for a $300,000 home]

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