Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jim Cramer Hits an All-Time High

(c) 2011 F. Bruce Abel

This article on Jim Cramer is just "ok," providing a modicum of new information, such as that he divorced The Trading Goddess, which I had deduced by his repeated references of life of "Friday night drinking drinking cheap scotch on the dirty linoleum floor" and other comments about his weekends and life.

The article does not give Cramer the praise that his portfolio deserves, as its performance is sensational.  But there are "flaws" in his nightly presentation theory -- a little slippery about whether he called this correction or that one, etc.  Such problems are inherent in what he is doing.  I have never really made money "following" him, due to psychological factors that I think everybody feels.

Cramer says he is a Democrat but when he was on CNBC with Kudlow (pre Mad Money) he was pretty Wall Street/Republican-line, I thought.