Sunday, November 21, 2010

Natural Gas Guru: Search results for schuck

(c) 2010 F. Bruce Abel

Had a very enjoyable evening with Philip Schuck and Helene last night. Reading from his poetry and book. He's advising Kingsview Capital Management, 233 Broadway, NY. Phil Silverman is on board.

And from my year-ago blog:

Natural Gas Guru: Search results for schuck: "(c) 2009 F. Bruce Abel

Ah yes, Jimmy Rogers is able to do this. So have I!

Had dinner with Phillip Schuck and Abby Sunday night. Phillip has been able to do this too. Author, successful trader, farmer, sailor.

December 15, 2009

Lessons On Investing And Life
'You have to figure out what your own passions are. By following your passions, you'll never have a job. You'll just get up everyday and have a lot of fun'in"