Sunday, January 11, 2009

Duke Energy for Laurel Avenue December Usage

Took a reading at 5:30 pm Saturday, January 18, 2009 for gas and got 8284. This makes me realize I must have read the meter incorrectly (as I have to look in a mirror and get the figures upside down and it was raining) on January 5th when I got "7250" and, that not looking right, I sent in an even 200 ccf as shown here. My guess was that I was under by about 150 ccf on what I sent in. So it looks like my next bill will come in at about 21 days more at say 37 HDD per day which is roughly 800 HDD, divided by 3, or 280 more ccf, which would take the meter to 8564. So the gas bill will be a whopper. Cold spell broke today as it was/is 33 degrees this afternoon.