Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Are There "Lessons" While Trading AAPL Options?

Along the same vein as the previous, I jumped into 2 10/05/12 670 AAPL puts this morning @13.20 and got out an hour later without harm.  But what scared me was that I was looking for the right price with enough volume for a fairly narrow spread.  But I had not considered how short in time they were for.  Only 3 days.  So it was a weekly, not even a monthly.  Normally I try for one with at least a month remaining, so as to be able to recover if the underslying stock initially goes the wrong way.

The other theme I had is that usually your first "trade" after a gap is a good one.  But then the inevitable issue comes up "what next."  It's the "what next" that kills you.  Your second or third idea.